Anatomy models & Medical simulation

Medical Simulators

Medical simulators and clinical skill trainers are an effective tool in medical education. They help train students, doctors, medical personnel, nurses, rescue teams and midwives in developing the necessary skills and techniques before working with a patient.

Medical simulation is used in all aspects of medical education, for example such as: surgical and laparoscopic training, anesthesiology training, obstetric and gynecological training, clinical skill training, first aid, basic and advanced life support, nursing skills, patient care training and diagnostic procedures.

3B Scientific® offers an extensive range of high quality medical simulators, clinical skill trainers and complete skill lab set ups for customers like medical universities, teaching hospitals, specialty courses, life support training centers and many more.

Anatomical Models

NEW: 3B Smart Anatomy – a new generation of anatomical models. 3B SMART ANATOMY is designed to close the gap between analog and digital learning.a giant step in Anatomy Education and exclusive to all original 3B Scientific® anatomical models.

Virtual meets Reality – the concept of 3B SMART ANATOMY

3B Scientific has teamed up with 3D4Medical, the world-leader in the development of realistic 3-Dimensional anatomical content rendered in a virtual 3D environment, to create an extensive course library of 3B Smart Anatomy courses.

All original 3B Scientific® anatomy models are now enhanced with 3B Smart Anatomy. Your advantages:

  • Free warranty extension from 3 to 5 years
  • Free access to 3B Smart Anatomy courses in the award-winning Complete Anatomy
  • Includes 11 3B Smart Anatomy courses with 23 lectures and 117 different views of interactive virtual models.


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