Fabius® Tiro M

The Fabius® Tiro M is a compact anaesthesia system that offers the full spectrum of anaesthesia ventilation to military anaesthesiologists/ CRNAs in the field of operations. This unit can be used in a variety of mobile and stationary military applications where general anaesthesia is required.


Simple usability
The modular design allows all standard system components to be stored in a single container so that assembly and disassembly of the unit is easily accomplished. Functionality and user interface are identical with currently marketed Dräger Fabius family anaesthesia machines used in high-acuity civilian operating rooms.

Electronic Ventilator
Electronically controlled, piston-driven ventilator uses no drive gas, decreasing fresh gas usage overall. The air entrainment capability allows the ventilator to continue to function in the absence of fresh gas flow, important in areas where central supply is non existent and cylinder availability is sporadic.

Standard operating philosophy
Same technology, performance and user interface as the commercial Dräger anaesthesia machines including critical care quality ventilation modes.

The Fabius® Tiro M was designed to provide a full-featured anaesthesia machine in a compact, easy to assemble package for use in military medical installations in the field.

Flexible Gas Source
As an alternative in areas where central gas supply is not available, a defined oxygen generator is usable with Fabius® Tiro M.

Developed for military field operations
Robust system that can withstand transport and continue to provide high-level functionality in the field of operations. Simple, modular design allows for full set-up within 15 minutes, without the use of tools.

Entire system packs and ships in one container, assuring delivery of a complete anaesthesia machine to the field. Easy-to-use interface reduces time required for clinicians to become familiar with the Fabius Tiro M.