Zeus® Infinity® Empowered

Combine the complete spectrum of ventilation therapy with unparalleled monitoring, automation, workflow and information management technology with Dräger’s most advanced anaesthesia workstation.



The Zeus® Infinity® Empowered gives you the power to provide advanced, state-of-the-art ventilation therapy combined with comprehensive monitoring. Its capabilities include both DIVA (Direct Injection of Volatile Agents) and TIVA (Total IntraVenous Anaesthesia) for a convincing and efficient anaesthesia possible. The Zeus IE is equipped with a multidude of features that will help you optimise your workflow in every phase of the process. Its user interfaces is based on the well-known Dräger platform and was designed with an open architecture that’s ready for a variety of IT solutions, both present and future.


The Zeus Infinity Empowered was designed to provide ICU-quality ventilation. The TurboVent 2 turbine ventilator concept means you can support spontaneous breathing no matter which mode you use, providing virtually unlimited inspiratory flow. The Zeus IE can be used with patients of all ages and acuity levels.


The Dräger Zeus Infinity Empowered gives a variety of safety features that set it apart from the rest. From decision support, intelligent alarms to the integrated drug database, the Zeus IE puts all the vital information you need at your fingertips and keeps you aware of potential pitfalls.


The enhanced automation features of the Zeus Infinity Empowered give you unprecedented control over the anaesthesia process. Dräger’s innovative Target Controlled Anaesthesia (TCA), for example, lets you set your anaesthesia targets and can then automatically calculate the most efficient profiles to reach them by considering of patient’s safety. In the meantime, you can concentrate on your patient.


With features like time- controlled, automatic systems check, maintenance reminders, comprehensive documentation support and an integrated uplink to DrägerService, the Zeus IE helps you save valuable time and money when it comes to your perioperative routines. Downtime can be kept to a minimum, helping to reduce the cost of ownership.


Combining an advanced anaesthesia workstation with a patient monitor and an automated infusion system, the Zeus has already taken on a leading role when it comes to systems integration. By connecting the operating room with the rest of your hospital, you can improve and accelerate your processes, improve the level of care, save time and reduce costs.

The Zeus Infinity Empowered was designed to work hand in hand with the Dräger Infinity® Acute Care System, giving you direct access to a world of information directly from the point of care. In the near future, additional components, such as hand-held transport monitors and other innovative products will be available for use with the Zeus, expanding further on this concept.