Consumables and Accessories


Dräger offers a wide range of CO2 monitoring accessories includingdedicated reusable and disposable CO2 cuvettes as well as mainstreamCO2 sensors to improve patient safety in a convenient way.



Catheter Mounts

Catheter mount tube extensions and airway connectors make it easier for you to safely move adult and pediatric patients. They are very easy to use and help keep your hands free, giving you more room to provide care. ErgoStar® catheter mounts and catheter connectors are just one part of Dräger's complete line of breathing system equipment.



A perfect combination of durability, protection and comfort. For harsh conditions and long duration use, the Drager X-plore 3300 half mask is the first choice.






Whether used in chemical industry or automobile industry, shipbuilding, metal processing industry or by public utility services – for decades Dräger respiratory protection filters have been a synonym for experience and safety worldwide. They clean breathable air from contaminants in a low-cost and effective manner.



Breathing Circuits
Reliable, convenient and designed for safety. Because breathing circuits interface directly with the patient, the integrity of your entire anesthesia or ventilation system depends on them. With Dräger’s portfolio of breathing circuits, you can rest assured that each product is carefully designed to work as part of a complete solution.Expiration Valves


Expiration Valve
To ventilate patients for extended periods of time, you need more than just a dependable ventilator. You also need an expiration valve that reliably controls the respiratory phases and regulates PEEP (Positive EndExpiratory Pressure). Dräger expiration valves were developed especially for use with Dräger ventilators – and to fit in with your workflow. They let you precisely control inspiration and expiration phases of your patient. At the same time, they control the therapeutically relevant level of PEEP. You can count on Dräger expiration valves for your next patient as well: They can be quickly and easily exchanged.

Neonatal Care Accessories
Dräger accessories for neonatal ventilation and thermotherapy ventilate gently and effectively, reduce stress and help promote the development of the newborn with a wide range of accessories designed specifically for use with the smallest of patients.

Neonatal Ventilation Accessories
Dräger accessories for neonatal ventilation provide effective and gentle ventilation, reduce stress and help promote the development of the newborn.

Oxygen Sensor Capsule
An oxygen sensor performs the essential function of measuring the inspiratory O2 concentration in anesthesia and respiratory devices. Dräger oxygen sensors comply with international requirements. Furthermore, the sensors have been designed and tested to function with Dräger devices and systems in order to minimize risks to the patient and operator. Even NASA used Dräger O2 sensors to monitor the compartment air in the space shuttle

O2 Star Portfolio
A comprehensive range of O2 accessories providing quality and comfort for patients and caregivers alike.

Flowmeters are used to control the flow rate of gases drawn from a central supply system or from a compressed gas cylinder. They are typically used in general wards, for adult, paediatric & neonates patients alike. They may also be used in other areas including administering anaesthesia and ambulances. At Dräger, we offer an extensive range of flow measurement devices to cover your ongoing clinical needs.

The DigiFlow line of digital flowmeters has been specially designed for paediatric and neonatal use, however it may also be used for treating adults. The more conventional ‘ball and pressure dome’ flowmeter covers all other applications, and where simplicity and speed are required, we have the compact flowmeters. Our broad range of humidification systems including reusable and disposable accessories complete the Dräger portfolio.

Neonatal Care Accessories
Dräger accessories for neonatal ventilation and thermotherapy ventilate gently and effectively, reduce stress and help promote the development of the newborn with a wide range of accessories designed specifically for use with the smallest of patients.

MonoLead® ECG Lead-Wire Set
Frustrating tangles. Lost time. Patient discomfort. Managing the “spaghetti” that results from traditional ECG lead wires is a tedious, time-consuming distraction that takes focus away from your patient. As you attach the cables, you need to untangle and route the wires. Until now. With MonoLeads you spend more time with your patients and less time with wires.

Neonatal Examination Lights
Dräger VarioLux® Examination Lights. The Dräger VarioLux® neonatal examination light offers cool, highly efficient, and variable light intensity and was specially designed for use in neonatal intensive care settings. Made for single-handed operation, it features adjustable color settings as well as a dimmer function.

Neonatal Thermoregulation
Something you can count on: Wide range of neonatal thermoregulation products and neonatal care accessories to meet the most diverse needs of the neonate. Only high quality materials to ensure optimal care. Effective support for therapy and cost effectiveness.

Neonatal Monitoring Accessories
Dräger provides a wide range of neonatal monitoring accessories for your neonatal care unit.

Oxygen Therapy
Dräger has been developing and manufacturing high-quality ward accessories for decades. The portfolio is continuously being expanded with innovative products such as the Dräger VarioAir® suction ejector or and Dräger compact digital flowmeters. Intelligent workstation concepts are realized through the safe interaction of accessory products with hospital installations.

Test Lung
The Dräger SelfTestLung™ spirometer combines high-quality materials and an intelligent design to support your clinical workflow. Tested and approved by Dräger for compatibility with a wide range of Dräger ventilators, it can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning. Furthermore, all gas-carrying parts can be autoclaved at 134°C (273°F).