Compressed Air Supply Systems

Dräger has been building central compressed air supply systems for hospitals, clinics, and medical practices for over fifty years. Today's systems meet all the current standards, in particular DIN EN ISO 7396-1, with air quality in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia. After manufacture,  every  system  is  carefully inspected and labeled with a CE certificate on release.

EcoPharm Tower systems, extremely effective compressed air purification systems with five filtering stages and an adsorption dryer, ensure the purity of the compressed air. These systems are equipped with three compressors and two compressed air receivers, filter systems, and pressure reducer stations. They are constructed in such a way to ensure the utmost reliability as well as to maintain and repair without having to interrupt normal operations.

In  the  more  basic  compressors  of the DWSC and DWSRD series, a central control panel is responsible for all control functions. A pressure sensor feeds the operational  pressure  to  an  electronic control unit (SPS), which switches the compressors as needed. All other functions, such as the basic load switching control, the metering of operating hours and the startup control are also handled by the control unit. If the control unit should happen to fail, the emergency control  maintains  the  compressed  air supply  via  an  additional  mechanical pressure switch.

Compressed air reducing stations Pressure reducer station for reducing the compressor pressureSystem Control Customised-Designed to your needs
For your hospital’s medical compressed air supply, Dräger offers, according to your needs, a fully automatic  operating system which is equipped with individual compressors: The belt driven and screw driven compressors of the DWSC, DWLS  and  DWLC  series  feature  an compressor to supply the system with compressed air in an emergency, independent of a central control. In connection with a central control panel, which primarily powers the system and centrally transfers the alarm signals for the entire system, the compressors ensure multiple redundancy.

Drager Medical Air Guard
Dräger Medical Air GuardThe purity of medical compressed air is defined in the European Pharmacopoeia. Dräger Medical Air Guard ensures continuous and fully automatic monitoring of the purity of gases and water vapor. Furthermore, the central evaluation unit can document all measured values continuously.

Compact Compressesd Air Systems
For compressed air supply in hospitals, Dräger  offers  space-saving,  compact compressed  air  systems.  All required components such as compressors, dryer and pressure reducer units are mounted as a single, compact unit onto a compressed air receiver. Completely fitted with piping and cables, the systems are quickly installed and ready to use.