Storz Medical Duolith SD1

DUOLITH SD1 »ultra«

Modular radial and focused shock wave therapy (ESWT) with ultrasound imaging for efficient pain therapy in orthopaedics

The DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra« shock wave system represents a clear modular concept that meets the growing demands of a medical practice regarding therapy and diagnosis. This is not only beneficial to newcomers to the field of extracorporeal shock wave treatment but also to experienced users.

Control unit (15.6” touch screen) with optional diagnostic ultrasound / R-SW module with radial FALCON® handpiece / F-SW module with focused SEPIA® handpiece

Radial Module with FALCON® Handpiece

The high-performance FALCON® handpiece allows the radial module to be operated also independently of the control unit. All treatment parameters such as pressure, frequency and number of shocks can be uniquely entered and retrieved via the operating panel of the handpiece display.

The optional vibration therapy with the V-ACTOR® »HF« handpiece as well as the optional vacuum therapy using VACU-ACTOR® technology are the ideal complements to shock wave therapy.


  • All control elements integrated into the handpiece
  • Extended energy range: 0.3 – 5 bareff
  • 4 connections: 2 x R-SW, 1 x V-ACTOR®, 1 x VACU-ACTOR®
  • Vibration therapy with V-ACTOR® »HF« handpiece (optional)
  • VACU-ACTOR® vacuum therapy (optional)

Diagnostic Ultrasound (optional)

Accurate diagnosis of the indication and identification of the pain zone are prerequisite to achieving the most successful treatment. Therefore, STORZ MEDICAL offers the option of an integrated diagnostic ultrasound imaging system with colour Doppler for the DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra«, thus combining diagnosis and treatment in one system.

All possible adjustments for localizing the treatment area and its optimal representation by ultrasound images can be done on the screen. Ultrasound images can be saved directly in the integrated patient management system and retrieved in later sessions.


  • Diagnosis and therapy combined in one system
  • Colour Doppler »High resolution«: 1.5 – 15 MHz
  • Saving of ultrasound images directly in the patient management system
  • DICOM interface (optional)
  • GDT (German medical data exchange format) interface (optional)