Alcotest ® 9510

The Dräger Alcotest ® 9510 is the most advanced Evidential Breath-Alcohol Testing instrument exceeding all national and international  specification requirements. It features Dräger’s famous dual sensoric  technology, network  and wireless communication, intuitive color touch screen interface, and was built for demanding 24/7 operation.

Dual alcohol sensor technology
The Dräger Alcotest ® 9510 employs two different and independent technologies, each  analyzing and quantifying a subject’s breath alcohol concentration:

IR spectroscopy and Electro-Chemical Cell technology. This offers the highest possible  level  of  forensic  analytical integrity.

Infrared Technology
IR spectroscopy at 9.5 µm is virtually not susceptible to any potentially interfering substance in the breath of a subject. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for a chopper wheel with multiple IR filters.

Electro-chemical Cell (Fuel Cell)

The Dräger fuel cell is known worldwide for its superior accuracy, alcohol specificity, reliability, and fast recovery.

Breath Temperature Measurement
The Alcotest 9510 offers the measurement of the subject’s breath temperature to correct the alcohol test result for breath temperature variables.

True Ambient Air Check.
The  Alcotest 9510 performs  an IR independent  analysis of the ambient air in the absorption  chamber to  provide assurance that the IR system is set to
zero prior to the breath test

Internal Printer
The quiet and reliable thermal printer delivers fast and legible high resolution documents. It does not require a printer cartridge or ink ribbons.

The instrument incorporates a high resolution,  color, LCD touch-screen. The large screen offers a virtual keyboard and delivers clear and complete text
messages that allow for well guided operation.

Interface Capability and Flexibility
For  optimal  program  integration, the Alcotest  9510  offers  almost  unlimited communication and interface capabilities: 3 USB ports  (for  keyboard,  ext.
printer, memory stick, etc.), external video monitor, 2 RS232 ports,  Ethernet, modem, GSM modem, wireless keyboard, and IrDA communication.

Hardware Connectivity and Flexibility
The  instrument  offers  very  elaborate hardware  interfaces:  3  independently valved  dry-gas  inlet  ports,  vapor  inlet port, air outlet port, RFI antenna, GSM antenna, electronic service port, several A/D inputs, logic outputs, and 5 VDC output for possible peripherals

Data input
Data can be input into the Alcotest 9510 in many ways including the internal virtual keyboard, USB keyboard, IrDA keyboard, mag-card  reader,  bar/symbolic  code reader, stylus on touch screen, or finger tip on touch screen.

Diagnostic checks
The instrument performs intricate diagnostic checks on a continuous and simultaneous basis.

Power Variety and Flexibility
The instrument can be operated with any possible power source: 90-260 VAC, 12 VDC (vehicle), or rechargeable battery operation without the need for an adapter or an inverter