Medezine 5000

With over 30 Years experience, designing and Manufacturing Medical Saws the latest 5000 Autopsy Saw is the most innovative Saw to date, and is used extensively throughout the world.

Key features & advantages

  • Single press on/off Operation
    Easy to use one button press on/off button. Efficient 13200 Oscillation per minute cycle
  • Unique Ergonomic Design
    Easy grip design reduced user fatigue
  • Innovative Vacuum Unit
    Light, compact and portable, with efficient 3 stage filtration, filter bag/Cloth filter/and Hepa filter (to 0.6 Microns). Drip proof to IP44 standard. 4 large Chassis wheels (with brakes)
  • Waterproof full immersion cleaning
    Hand-piece hermitically sealed, watertight to IP67 rating, easy to clean and decontaminateLow Voltage Safety Operates on safe 40 Volts
  • Improved Power supply
    Reduced overloading via intelligent current limiter. Increased power to hand-piece and updated safety features, easy top mounted power lead, and protected to IP65 wet environment rating. Available in 110V and 240V versions
  • Light weight and balanced
    Hand piece professionally balanced and only weighs 1300g with flexible silicon hood for improved visibility
  • Unique Blade security
    Comprehensive chrome plated blade range with simple wrench and blade clamp-screw system. Easy blade rotation and fixation