Medset - Cardiology

Medset's strategy is based on using the very latest technologies to meet your cardiology needs by achieving maximum diagnostic reliability coupled with optimum cost efficiency. Medset proved the wisdom of this approach back in 1990 when we presented the first fully digital Holter ECG recorder, which surpassed the traditional cassette systems of the time in terms of recording quality and ease of use.

Today, nearly 20 years later, many of these devices from the early days of the digital revolution are still in daily use. To ensure that we can continue to introduce intelligent new concepts and technologies into your daily workflow in future, our engineers and scientists invest much of their time in researching the technologies of tomorrow.

PADSY – Your Cardiology Platform

PADSY is the common platform for many cardiopulmonary application programs with a shared user interface. PADSY can be run on different operating systems and reveals its strengths particularly in networks.
ECG Management System – PADSY-Connect

PADSY ECG management incorporates all key functional diagnostic procedures and ensures that all your functional diagnostic data – including electrocardiographs – can be collected, analysed and assessed by just one single system.

The philosophy and strength of PADSY-ECG is to give access to Resting ECGs in just a few mouse clicks. Measurement algorithms that have been tried and tested for many years support a reliable diagnosis and form the basis for automatic interpretation.
12-Channel ECG sensors – FLASHLIGHT

The Flashlight Sensors meet the highest requirements for signal quality and reliability on all 12 ECG channels. Depending on which type of sensor is chosen, the sensors can either be connected to a USB port or via a reliable Bluetooth link.
ErgoSpirometry – PADSY-Ergospiro

The Innocor ErgoSpirometry offers the same accuracy as a mass spectrometer and is beside other features outstanding with respect to all offered ErgoSpirometry systems in the market. The combination with PADSY-Ergo puts this system to a high end solution.
Stress Test ECG – PADSY-Ergo

PADSY-Ergo controls the load level on your patients. You and your staff have full control of the examination and can remain calm and relaxed. The unique review function allows you to view any time period even while exercise testing is still ongoing.
Holter ECG – PADSY-Holter

Take advantage of the more than 20 years of experience of the pioneer of digital Holter ECG systems. Medset offers you the PADSY-Holter, a premium solution for long-term ECG recordings designed to improve your efficiency in your daily work.
Holter ECG Analysis Community – PADSY-Holter

The Planet system from PADSY-Holter is the perfect solution for your forward-looking Holter ECG diagnosis, combining maximum cost efficiency with the diagnostic quality of a cardiology centre.
Holter ECG Recorder – TELESMART

The Telesmart Holter recorder incorporates the latest technologies of Holter recorder, It combines top recording quality for up to 7 days with just on battery with modern design for maximum patient comfort.
ABPM, Long-term Blood Pressure – PADSY-RR

The Scanlight long-term blood pressure measurement system, which has proven itself in many studies, is gentle on your patient and is thus more readily accepted. Reliable and transparent measurement results support your chosen therapy
Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapy – COGNIMED

COGNIMED is the first network-capable training system for cardiac rehabilitation therapy impresses with its ease of operation and new Stress Test functions. COGNIMED is a PADSY application and therefore offers all of its advantages.
Telemetry and Bedside Monitoring – CORONET

CoroNet is a multi-parameter monitoring system with outstanding functionality that reliably accompanies the patient from rescue situation to mobilization and follow-up treatment. E. g. it offers the unique feature of real 12 channel ECG monitoring