A hospital product must work effectively at all times and under the most demanding conditions. It is simply irreplaceable in day-to-day hospital life. In order to ensure this, we offer a broad service network and long-term supplies of spare parts. This keeps downtime for the beds to a minimum and assures their long-term availability. Our service staff are ready to assist, should the need arise, by applying their comprehensive knowledge of the products and providing timely assistance on site.

Daily hospital use makes signs of wear or damage unavoidable – further damage that may occur as a result of this, howeve


can certainly be avoided, provided that defects are recognised as early as possible.

Value-preserving maintenance

Assist ensures that your hospital and care beds retain their value throughout their service life and helps you to comply with the specified maintenance intervals: this enables you to guarantee unimpaired operability.

Furthermore, each value-preserving maintenance session is properly documented – our quality seal guarantees that everything is in good working order. As with the TÜV certification system, our seal demonstrates clearly that everything possible is being done to ensure the safety of the equipment. On a regular basis.

Spare parts – delivered quickly

A high level of expertise in servicing and repairs is of little use if there are delays in supplying spare parts or replacement equipment. Not only do we have the respective staff, we also have a large spare parts store (Location Herford – Germany).

The automated warehouse continuously stocks over 7,500 items. These items can normally be shipped within 48 hours.

Our aim is to supply spare parts even for hospital and care beds that are more than 15 years old.