Hospital Beds

The modern hospitals of today no longer have much to do with the hospitals of the past – in relation to either treatment methods or interior. Today it is all about making the length of stay as short and pleasant as possible.
Only logical, for massive cost increases in public health have led to treatment becoming more effective. And no patient wants to spend a day longer than he has to in a hospital.

May we say that this is not a result of our hospital furniture – quite the opposite – the comfort of our beds and mattresses is desired for some people in their own homes. That also applies to the design and functionality which make the patient feel he is in a hotel rather than a hospital. Finally, there is evidence that the feel-good factor contributes to a faster recovery.

The Seta Building Block principle.

There is no such thing as one, perfect, hospital bed to meet all requirements. The needs differ too much,and budgets vary. Therefore we have Seta, the hospital bed which can be individually configured as required.

In a unit construction system you can configure the bed appropriate to your requirements and also choose from a large range of materials and colours. However, there is no choice about the design. You will be pleased with the clean lines and the use of shape.


Evario bed.

The hospital bed for all environments
The comfortable, cost-effective Evario is suitable not only for day-to-day patient care, but also for intensive care and for promoting a speedy recovery. Its modern control options are particularly attractive. The Protega split safety side is easy to operate and comes with excellent hygienic properties.


Deka modular.

The versatile platform
The Deka stands for an intelligent modular system with various dimensions and drive configurations - from mechanical to fully motorised beds. With its individual equipment variants, it can be used in many areas of the hospital.

Vida bed

Clear design and high practicality
The dependable Vida hospital bed combines modern design with practicality thanks to its many useful functions. Its clean lines and clear design make it both easy to handle and also to reprocess between bed occupation. A variety of equipment variants make this bed highly flexible.


The mobilisation bed
For a successful recovery, the patient needs to sit up and stand again as quickly as possible. The Vertica clinic with its sitting and standing positions provides ideal support for patients and nursing staff. Early mobilisation brings strong health and economic benefits.

Sicuro Pesa

The tiltable intensive care bed
The laterally tilting Sicuro pesa supports intensive care unit staff in caring for and repositioning patients. It promotes faster recovery and contributes to cost-effective working in the hospital unit. Patients enjoy a high level of comfort and optimum protection.

Junior cot bed

The paediatric cot for special requirements
With its sturdy construction and cheerful design, the Junior cot is a safe, comfortable place to sleep and play. Bright colours are available to create a cheerful atmosphere that promotes the child's recovery. The ease of operation of the bed relieves the strain on nursing staff.